Things I have learnt


Through the rough course of life journey, we learn a lot. What I have learned so far is:

1. Pray properly and by heart

2. Always expect positive things from Allah, as we get what we expect. Be prepared for the worst

3. Make your own decisions and lead your life

4. Always be thankful to whatever you have, for you never know when that could be taken away

5. Keep learning new things, it keeps the brain functionality to its best

6. Take risks, we never know when the journey will come to an end, but remain persevere. The risk should be calculated.

7. Keep emotions and love, healthy

8. Always appreciate your parents, they are the best support you will get ever without any questions

9. Love your wife and praise her to keep good relations

10. Learn new language(s)

11. Eat natural foods a lot

12. Be adventurous in tantalizing your taste buds

13. Exercise properly everyday

14. Read books

15. Try to learn new cultures

16. Travel a lot to make your thinking and perception wider

17. Must stay away from your family wealth for at least one year to learn the importance of money and to know how difficult it is to earn

18. Feel positive about your success and achievements, every one faces failures and setbacks

19. Do not take blind decisions

20. Take out some time for yourself, and enjoy being alone

21. Make short term and long term goals in life and keep the track

22. There is no such thing as believe on yourself. Instead, you should know well about your own abilities and then believe on Allah. Do something at it’s best, put all your efforts, and then trust Allah, He will do the rest

23. Plan properly, and execute immediately. There is no such thing as when there will be best time, or when there will be opportunities etc. Today is the best day, STAND UP and START

24. Socialize and meet new people in real, rather then Social media

25. Research properly, as less information or half information is more dangerous then no knowledge.

26. Do not let yourself enclosed in a rat hole. Wider your thinking and perception as others might be equally correct as you are

27. Lead your own way or follow those who are successful. Luck matters as well.

28. Make your role model and study so much about Him/Her such that whenever you are stuck, first thing that should come into mind would be, how that person might think in such situation. Obviously, this leads to obeying or following someone, but for a hint: a person who is loved and appraised by Allah himself among the whole humanity, is who else except Muhammad, S.A.W. Study and follow him, make him your role model,you will not get astray.

29. Financial stability is an important factor in leading a happy and peaceful life, (Do not curse me in this,it is for real). It can lead you to think new things, plan them and innovate carefully and bare risks in life

30. Keep the check and balances in life among you and all those who are associated.

31. Earn Halal, as there is no blessing better then having Halal food coming from Halal money

32. Admire nature and stay close to it

33. Do not expect anything from anyone.

So hang on, learn and have fun. Suggestions appreciated!!!!

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